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What is TRICARE Prime and a TRICARE Prime Supplement?

TRICARE Prime is the DoD’s “managed care” health care program for the military community. It is modeled after the Civilian Health Maintenance Organization approach (HMO). The two TRICARE Prime Supplement Plans available to you are de¬signed to help pay your cost share and copayments under TRICARE (In-Network and Out-of-Network expenses).

Enrollment in the TRICARE Prime Supplemental Insurance Plan provides you and your eligible family members with flexibility in converting your coverage should you move out of a TRICARE Prime area and then apply for a TRICARE Standard/Extra Supplement. When this happens, under the TRICARE Standard/ Extra Supplement Plan, you receive credit towards the Pre-Existing Condition Provision for the time spent in the TRICARE Prime Supplement Plan.

The following chart is an example of what the TRICARE Prime Supplement pays for some of the most common types of services. Refer to your TRICARE Prime Handbook for a more complete description of terms and conditions under TRICARE.

Care RequiredTRICARE PRIME PaysYour TRICARE PRIME Supplement Pays
All except the following:Per Visit/Service:
Civilian Outpatient CarePer Visit:
$12 Office
$30 Emergency Room
Outpatient Mental Health$25 Individual
$17 Group
$25 Individual
$17 Group
Civilian Inpatient Admission$11 per Day
($25 minimum per admission)
$11 per Day
($25 minimum per admission)
Inpatient Mental health$40 per Day$40
Ambulance Service$20$20
Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery$25$25
Prescription Drugs$3 Generic
$9 Brand Name
$22 Non-Formulary
$3 Generic
$9 Brand Name
$22 Non-Formulary

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It’s So Easy To Enroll in the TRICARE Prime Supplement

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