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  • TRICARE Supplemental Insurance Our affordable options make choosing a TRICARE Supplemental Insurance Plan easier than ever.

    TRICARE Supplemental Insurance Plan
  • TRICARE Supplemental Plan
    Cost-effective plans geared towards:

      » Saving you money
      » Improving your healthcare services and options
      » Providing you with exceptional comprehensive coverage

    healthcare services
  • healthcare services
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As a TRICARE or CHAMPVA eligible, it is important to maximize your heath plan coverage while keeping your cost as a low as possible. We provide TRICARE Supplement Insurance and CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance administered by Selman & Company and sponsored by the Government Employees Association (GEA).

We offer a range of supplemental insurance coverage which helps meet the needs of military families. These low cost-effective TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE and CHAMPVA SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLANS are geared toward saving you money, while improving your healthcare services and options, as well as providing you with exceptional comprehensive coverage. With our competitive voluntary group coverage and outstanding individual plans, each member of our supplemental health coverage will have a team of dedicated individuals committed to serving you.

If you are:

As a Military Retiree or a Qualified National Guard and Reserve Member (TRS) retierd after 20 or more years, you can take advantage of the TRICARE Supplement Plan.

Members who are eligible may voluntarily enroll in the TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLAN. TRICARE becomes their primary insurance carrier and the Supplement pays second. The TRICARE Supplement is similar to a Medicare Supplement. It works with TRICARE to pay the balance of covered services the member/eligible family members are responsible for paying. Your Supplement pays a portion of your deductible, your cost share/co-payment and your applicable excess charges.

  • Retired military
  • A spouse of a retired military or active duty service member
  • A spouse of a disabled veteran and have CHAMPVA

You and your dependents may be eligible to participate in a TRICARE or CHAMPVA Supplement.

Selman Co designed this plan specifically to help meet the healthcare needs of military service members and their families.

This design affords TRICARE eligible's virtually 100% reimbursement for covered services*.

Designed For You

This website is designed for all service members regardless of Rank, Service or Duty Status. Our mission is to provide professional service to you in gratitude for the courageous and professional manner you have defended our County and Liberty.

Over the next few pages, you can review the TRICARE Supplemental Insurance Plans to the military health system for active duty service members, retired military service members, disabled Veterans (who are CHAMPVA eligible), Reservists and National Guard separated from active duty (who are TRS eligible) and your family members.

* Services are covered up to the legal limit maximum.