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Available to TRICARE Beneficiaries, regardless of Rank, Service or Duty Status

If you are retired from the military, are a spouse of a retired military or an active duty service member, TRICARE eligible beneficiary, or a spouse, you or your eligible dependents may be eligible to participate in the TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLAN.

TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health benefit program for the military community. The TRICARE Supplement wraps around your TRICARE coverage entitlement so that in most cases, you will obtain 100% reimbursement for TRICARE covered services. In addition, the TRICARE Supplement Insurance affords you the ability to seek care from any TRICARE authorized civilian facility or provider.

Choosing the right TRICARE Supplement Insurance coverage for your family is important, and we are available to assist you with any.

TRICARE when used with the GEA TRICARE SUPPLEMENT PLAN Pays 100% of Doctors’ Visits, Pharmacy, and Hospital Co-Pays

  • 100% out-of-pocket costs for covered services
  • 100% excess charges to the legal limit**
  • Pays 100% of Doctors Visits, Pharmacy, and Hospital Co-pays
  • Guaranteed acceptance (subject to 6 month pre-existing condition limitation**)


Doctor Office Visits

Supplement pays

Doctor Office Visits

You pay

Doctor Office Visits

* After the TRICARE Deductible and TRICARE Supplement Plan Deductible have been met.
** Legal Limit means the maximum amount that a non-participating provider can legally charge. This amount is up to 115% of the TRICARE Allowable Amount.


With a TRICARE supplement plan, a trip to the doctor means TRICARE Select covers 75% of doctor’s fee, while your TRICARE supplemental insurance picks up the remaining 25% – and you’re 100% covered. Once you reach the Supplement Plan deductible, there are simply no further costs while your supplemental insurance kicks in to cover your balances.

With TRICARE Select you are never required to get HMO approvals for seeing specialists; you never need permission before taking your children to see the doctor; no referrals from a primary health care manager are required; and you don’t have to go to a military treatment facility. It’s easy, just call the office of the doctor you prefer and use your TRICARE supplemental insurance.

Now, if you want to retain maximum flexibility and choice and still get maximum cost coverage, there is one more option that can take TRICARE Standard to the next level, add the AMRA TRICARE supplemental insurance policy to your TRICARE Select.

Supplemental insurance always pays after TRICARE pays. So, after your TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLAN pays its portion of the bill, the supplemental insurance pays your provider direct or reimburses you, the TRICARE beneficiary, for out-of-pocket medical expenses you will have paid to civilian providers to cover their charges.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 654-3129.


The Plan is currently not available in CO, ME, NH, OR, WA.
* Services are covered up to the legal limit maximum.

  • The Corporate Plan Sponsor: Government Employee Association (GEA)
  • Plan Administer: Selman and Company
  • Underwritten by: Harford Life and Accident Insurance Company, Harford, CT 06155
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